S V N B C K (Andreas) is a music-video-wannabe-producer from the northern part (Norrland) of Sweden.

Andreas came into contact with music at a relatively young age. Together with his neighbor, music was first created in Fasttracker and eventually in an early version of FL Studio. At that time, however, it was called Fruityloops. Together they had a couple of bands, where Andreas figured as bassist. Like for example. in this old hit, The Night Wanderer. Or this one, Puls, when the band went by the name of Ventil.

Fast-forward a couple of years and Andreas is studying songwriting at the Songwriters Academy in Örnsköldsvik. During this time Andreas learned a lot about music and a lot of songs were recorded. Like this one, I Wanted You (Maybe I Wanted Too Much). With Tommy Johansson, now in Sabaton, on both vocals and guitar.

Fast-forward a few more years and Andreas is happily married and lives in Umeå. He has not touched a DAW in ten years. But just before the wedding, he completes the song he wrote to his future wife when they met and recorded it. The song is called Hello/Goodnight.

There has been a lot of focus on rock, but nowadays it’s full focus on dance music. I think it’s called Progressive house.


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